image-dating-gameWhile Cathy is happily married to her husband, Doug, for 23+ years, she is often dating different tablet devices in search of the perfect portable companion.  We decided to play The Dating Game and have Cathy “date” some of the latest tablets because, as in life, you don’t really get to know someone until you spend some time with them.

To be fair there are three platforms that one could consider—Google, Apple and Microsoft—but Cathy chose to date only two contenders—the Windows Surface Pro 4 and the Apple iPad Pro.  Before we hear Cathy’s preferences, let’s review one of the questions she posed to each tablet as part of her selection process.

HOST:  Siri, tell us… What do you think are Apple iPad’s greatest attributes?

 Well, of course I have many great qualities, but the speed at which I go from sleep to on, is second to none.  I’m a low maintenance girl—connecting to the Internet is no fuss, no muss—use either my WiFi or built-in broadband cellular to get browsing or check email anywhere.  With my four speakers, I can belt out the tunes with incredible sound quality.  And if you’re looking to takes notes on me or draw a masterpiece, my Apple Pencil will satisfy the most discerning burning artist in you.  As for battery life, I can go all day or all night without skipping a beat.  So, honey, you can’t lose with me!

 HOST:  Cortana… What do you think are Windows Surface’s greatest attributes?

 Well, I make no bones about it.  When it comes to versatility, I mean business.  Since I run the full Windows operating system, you can get your groove on with any of your business applications any time.  My touchscreen sensors and backlit keyboard make it easy to rev me up in any lighting conditions.  My Pro Pen with my built-in eraser is as smooth as silk and unlike some of my competitors, it doesn’t need charging.  Looking to hook me up to an external monitor or projector or a docking station perhaps…my diversity of ports gives you plenty of options, baby.  So, give me a spin!

HOST:  Cathy… Now that we’ve heard from the contestants, who would you choose?

 As someone always on the go, I found the iPad Pro 9.7 the ideal size and weight to go out just about anywhere, and I love the immediate “on” and always-connected aspect of the iPad.  Whether I’m catching up on email or checking out the latest news and weather, the Apple iPad and Siri have never let me down.  Now that Microsoft has made Office 365 available for iPad, I can access most of my business information easily on the iPad with the exception of some of our specific business and IT support applications.  Apple’s one miss, in my opinion, was charging the Apple Pen—you either have to connect it precariously (in my opinion) to the iPad or drag along this little adapter to use with a charging cable which is like having a third wheel along on a date.

If I need to get down to serious business, I will invariably take out Cortana and the Windows Surface.  I get so much work done on road trips to Vermont or Virginia that the Surface is the clear winner for business even if it’s a little inconvenient having to use my phone as an Internet hotspot or a separate MiFi.  To me, the Windows Surface is an ultra-thin and light notebook; as a result, it feels like I’m working in the office, even when I’m not.  I love the backlit keyboard built into the cover and the easy-to-use pen.  Since I tend to run more applications on it, the battery can’t go all day like the iPad but I still get a lot of use out of a full charge.

If you’re looking for some basic browsing, note taking and email usage, the iPad Pro could be the ideal date for you.  On the flip side, if you want to run one of your business applications, the Windows Surface is likely to be the better date.  As with life, finding the perfect partner isn’t easy but I’ve got no doubt there’s one out there for you.  Want to know about my experiences with either of my “dates?”  Just ask…I love to compare notes in my “little black book.”

First published in our July 2016 IT Radix Resource newsletter

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