image-five-star-service-bellImagine you own a retail sports establishment and entertainment destination selling high-priced, high-margin goods and services at a high volume—with some days being very, very busy.  Your clientele are passionate about you, your business and your industry.  They want high-quality experiences and service, and if they do not get it (while they like you) can easily go elsewhere.  Now, imagine that your point-of-sale computer systems are slow and prone to crashing and your clients are queuing up getting increasingly frustrated.  And, even when the computers are running, the printer won’t print receipts.

That is the frustrating situation that caused one of IT Radix’s newest clients to reach out to us.  This exciting and unique business reached out to us because they knew that we could provide them consulting and service to make those problems go away so that they could have happier clients at even higher volumes.  We found and addressed a number of compatibility issues within their network.   Since then, we have further helped them by upgrading some machines, installing new network hardware, and improving the Wi-Fi performance within their establishment.

This new client is happy, and their business is growing.  They are one of Morris County’s fastest growing sports entertainment complexes.  We are very excited for them!

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