image-strong-client-relationsRelationships are important.  Not only in personal matters, but also in business.  Businesses live and die based on the success or failure of a lot of things, including business relationships.

One of our newest clients is a real estate and financial investment company that has a long and successful history due to a number of key things, including their ability to forge, maintain and enhance strong relationships with their clients.

Unfortunately, the outsourced IT company previously working with this client did not take the same view of relationships and, over time, took this dynamic and growing firm for granted.  They made changes without consulting the client, they told the client they were doing things that in fact they were not doing, and so on.  Our client grew frustrated and the relationship soured.  Trust, the basis of a relationship, was gone.

This lost trust caused this client to reach out to IT Radix.  We had been meeting with and communicating with this prospect for over two years, sharing insights, inviting them to our Lunch’n’Learns, webinars, and more.  As a result, they got to know us, and in turn, we got to know them by building trust.

Now we help this client and perform proactive monitoring and maintenance on a large number of physical and virtual servers as well as close to 100 PCs.  We ensure they are productive, backed up, and leveraging technology to help them grow and secure.  A role we take seriously and enjoy doing.  But even more, we enjoy this great relationship with this new client.  Our plan is to help them and our relationship grow.

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