image-group-connectionAs humans, we crave love and connection at our core.  Technology has made it easier than ever to be “connected,” but it does not replace actual physical interaction or connection.  So, while we at IT Radix assist our clients in getting connected via technology, be it via the Internet, email, instant messaging such as Skype, webinars and more, we believe actual interaction is critical to successful relationships.  In particular, we strive to connect with our clients, vendors and friends of IT Radix by means other than technology.

This desire to connect with our clients has led to our popular Lunch’n’Learn events.  In the past 6 years, we have been inviting clients, prospects, guests and friends to share lunch with us and, at the same time, learn more about each other and a topic of interest.  As anyone who has joined us knows, there is always time at the beginning and the end to simply talk and connect with each other.  Another portion of the event is spent on actual learning.  We cover a variety of topics that are important to business even if it’s not our area of expertise.  In these cases, we have invited guest speakers to help us connect the dots about their area of expertise.  Our goal by hosting these events:  To enable learning but also to create stronger connections with the IT Radix team and amongst the attendees.  This is the “not so secret” benefit of these meetings.  One of our recent attendees, Arnie Rintzler of AWR Business Concepts, explained it in this way:  “I almost never leave an IT Radix lunch and learn without having at least one significant company to follow up with.  Being an IT Radix client or prospect is a very positive pre-qualification.  And, I never have left without learning something significant.”  So, the next time you hear about an IT Radix Lunch’n’Learn, we hope you will make it a point to join us.

The IT Radix team always enjoys the opportunity to connect with clients at their location—whether it’s resolving an issue or simply having a meeting to better understand their needs.  In an effort to increase this connection, we are pleased to be introducing the “Tech Walkabout” where one of our technical team will spend time at our client’s location walking around simply answering “how do I do this” type questions.  It’s not about resolving error messages or problems but rather about increasing the person’s knowledge and productivity by showing them shortcuts—how to do something on their computer using their software and more.

Sometimes it’s not just about us—it’s about connecting with our community.  We’re happy to partner with the Park Lake School to help with their job training program.  Each week, one of their students comes to our office to learn about and perform basic office activities such as shredding, folding letters and stuffing envelopes and more.  We’ve had some wonderful individuals assist us, and we’re pleased to be a part of their personal development.  Over the years, we’ve enjoyed connecting to our community through volunteer projects for great organizations like Holiday Express, Cornerstone Family Programs, and more.  We’ve participated in food drives, fundraising activities and charitable events.  We’ve even participated as a company in the Verizon 5k Walk to benefit Jersey Battered Women for the last two years.  By connecting with our local community, we’re able to give back while at the same time support organizations that do such important work for many others around us.

You can check out some of our fun times giving back to the community on our website, Facebook page and other social media sites.  These sites are yet another way to connect with us… we’re constantly updating these sites with tech news and humor that we feel you’ll enjoy.

Technology notwithstanding, we hope you’ll let the IT Radix team connect with you because relationships are a key component of our organization.

First published in our June 2016 IT Radix Resource newsletter

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