We are pleased to welcome Adalex Communications to our growing roster of clients. Since 1997, Adalex has been helping organizations take advantage of various communications technologies—from phone systems offering unified communications, to VoIP and video conferencing as well as video surveillance and secure access. A visit to their website reveals that while they sell different products and services than IT Radix, they do provide similar end benefits to their clients as we do. Adalex is all about: “Increased productivity, Improved Efficiency, Better Collaboration and Mobility, Reduction of Expenses, Driving Contributions to the Bottom Line.” It sure does sound a lot like us!

Adalex came to IT Radix because they were in need of an upgrade of core network equipment and in a better approach to ensuring that their business keeps going in case of a severe emergency or disaster.   Working with their team, IT Radix delivered a combination of hardware and software services that has allowed this communications company to be more efficient and productive. Our solution involved taking advantage of the latest technologies, thereby enabling Adalex to reduce the cost and number of physical server hardware by using virtual machines within a single physical server. To learn more about Adalex, please visit https://www.adalex.net/.