IT Radix is all about helping our clients to be more successful. One of our newest clients, Planned Lifetime Assistance Network of New Jersey (PLAN/NJ) is all about helping people with differing abilities to live a good life. So this is a good match! Established more than 25 years ago, this New Jersey based not-for-profit organization provides life planning services for more than 800 New Jersey residents with a variety of disabilities. PLAN/NJ’s services range from Guardianship and Advocacy to Home Visit Monitoring, Special Needs Trust Administration, and everything in between. With increased demand for their services and the growing pressures of working in the health care and financial support sectors, PLAN/NJ needed help to upgrade their network architecture and facilitate ways for their staff to be more efficient with their time and more secure with confidential information.

Enter IT Radix. We have upgraded PLAN/NJ’s internal server architecture and facilitated backup and replication of their data and applications such that the organization can swiftly recover from a hardware failure. Moving forward, IT Radix will be enhancing PLAN/NJ’s email—which is currently not optimal for the numerous busy personnel who need up-to-date and secure information access in order to serve their clients efficiently. We look forward to helping PLAN/NJ continue to leverage technology as they advance their mission for the future. To learn more about PLAN/NJ, visit

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