image-sail-boatIt would not surprise us to hear from one of our newest client, Liberty Landing Marina in Jersey City, New Jersey, that they feel like their ship has come in since IT Radix has arrived on the scene.  This full service Hudson River slip marina located across from the lower tip of Manhattan is owned by a large company based out of Texas which has its own IT department and procedures.  However, it did not have an outsourced IT firm that it could rely on to help with a variety of issues that arise over the course of each month.

Since they had some staff onsite with some IT expertise and they had oversight from the larger company in Texas, they were looking for a responsive, professional local alternative to help them on projects as needed.  They chose to engage with us in a “PowerUp” plan whereby they have retained us for a number of hours over the course of a year.

One of our first projects was to help them switch out their firewall hardware.  They relied on our knowledge to be sure that security was maintained in the transition to new firewall technology.   Recently, there have been a number of issues onsite related to Wi-Fi, security and even their phone system.  When problems arise that the onsite staff at Liberty Landing cannot address, they navigate their way to us and we get them to a safe port! Want to learn more about Liberty Landing Marina?  Please visit: