image-sf-nycIT Radix is pleased to welcome Park Piedmont Advisors LLC to its list of clients who have made the smart decision to engage with us on a proactive IT Management and Support program.  With offices in New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area, Park Piedmont Advisors provides investment advice to a wide variety of clients.  They specialize in developing personalized asset allocations based on clients’ goals and risk tolerances, and implementing recommendations with low cost indexed investments.

Park Piedmont Advisors had a relationship with another IT support firm but came to IT Radix because they were not well served.  Issues arose including such things as:  Anti-virus software not being online which led to infected PCs, backups being done intermittently/manually, and poor response times when they did call for help.

IT Radix has implemented its Cornerstone IT Management and Support program with Park Piedmont Advisors, which means that we have set them up with onsite and remote automated backup programs which we confirm are working daily.  Additionally, we have updated their anti-virus program to an enterprise grade system which we monitor and update daily–we do the same with their hardware firewall.  On top of that, we ensure that all their users, onsite and remote, have 24/7 synchronized access to all files and folders as needed. This program provides a host of proactive services that ensure the likelihood of computer or network shutdowns to be minimized.  Finally, they were tickled pink to learn that our phones are answered live, and quite often they receive assistance immediately.

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