image-SPAM Blocker LaptopThis month’s SPAM Blocker Tip is:
Do not use auto-responders

An auto-responder is a clear signal for the spammer that the junk mail arrived at a real email address, which gives him a “good” reason to keep sending SPAM. If you have a filtering service in front of your server, it can help and will not send auto-responder.  The problem comes to play when you use an out-of-office reply which is technically an auto-responder.

Outlook has an option to send out-of-office replies only to your contacts. Sadly, as it turns out, most people don’t put all their contact’s email addresses in Outlook; so, an out-of-office reply may not get sent. In this instance, this is a case where you may have to live with the consequences of a SPAMmer capturing your email address while on vacation or traveling for business.

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