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Words of wisdom from Marybeth Smith, COO.

In today’s IT environment, most business managers understand just how critical their business data is and are smart enough to put a computer backup in place in their organization. However, as we connect with small and medium businesses, the most common “fumble” we see is the decision to set up a backup and forget it. Many businesses get the backup going but don’t have a consistent system in place to make sure it keeps running correctly.


What could go wrong?


  • USB hard drives fail (they are mechanical)
  • Tapes fail (mechanical too)
  • Data being sent to the Cloud must pass over miles of network and can easily become corrupt
  • Files become locked and stop backing up
  • A backup stored only locally at your office would not be accessible if your office suffers a catastrophe such as fire or flood
  • Backup software runs into a glitch and stops working
  • Your backup storage target runs out of space
  • Your storage target, such as an offsite computer, is turned off inadvertently

“Set it and forget it” does not work when it comes to computer backup! How to avoid the fumble? Give IT Radix possession of the ball by joining our Managed Service Program.

IT Radix Managed Service clients have the advantage when it comes to computer backup. Our “special team” of tech consultants will make sure your backup is working offensively when we set it up and defensively into the future with the following triple-threat approach:


  1. We implement a blended solution of onsite and cloud backup, with a local image backup stored on hard drive and an offsite cloud backup for critical business data.
  2. We have tech consultants in position each day checking email alerts and confirmations personally to assure the backup runs successfully.
  3. We also do a periodic systematic test restore of each of your backups to make sure that data is not corrupt and can actually be restored to production if needed.

This triple-threat approach assures that your backup is in good hands.

Give us a call to discuss our Managed Service programs—taking care of your backup is just one way IT Radix can give your team the advantage of relying on our team.

First published in our January 2014 IT Radix Resource newsletter