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How do Spammers grab addresses? Basically, spammers will start sending you junk email as soon as:



  • You list your email address on a public web page (your website, forums, etc.)
  • You subscribe to various newsletters and you confirm to their agreement without closely reading it (e.g., you do not uncheck the box to receive promotional emails)
  • You receive an email from someone who you don’t know and you open the message. If the email message is using the HTML format, once you view the email, the spammer will know for sure that your email account is real and so he will keep sending you junk emails
  • Your browser security level is set to accept various cookies and controls, or simply you manually agreed to deploy/install such files
  • You click on a link or attachment from an incoming email message, although you didn’t know who the sender was.
  • You don’t permanently use an anti-virus program.

Theoretically it’s simple: just don’t do the above actions and you will avoid getting SPAM. Honestly, it isn’t so easy. After all, you want to communicate with people…isn’t that why you got an email address in the first place?  It’s time to take a bite out of SPAM!

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