image-proactiveThe IT Radix team is very happy to welcome Market Analytics International to our list of clients.  Market Analytics, based in Rochelle Park New Jersey, is an international research company specializing in market research, customer satisfaction and competitive intelligence.   Their business is the business of business data, and they need to ensure that their entire network is up to date, secure, backed up and running at optimal productivity. 

Our first encounter with this client came during one of our free network assessments.  Our assessment revealed a number of items which warranted attention including a failed hard drive, an improved automated backup solution and new workstations for a number of employees.  This client found our report and recommendations to be valuable and engaged us to not only update equipment but additionally to rely on us for IT Management and Support on an ongoing basis.   This program ensures that Market Analytics has a proactive, strategic and preventative approach to their computer and technology needs.  If you are in need of market research for your business, including qualitative, quantitative, experiential or otherwise, please check out Market Analytics International at