Grandma always told us to be polite, but Grandma didn’t grow up with computers or email.  Here are some email etiquette tips to keep today’s tech-savvy Grandma happy:


  •  Reply on all occasions
       – Answer the question or say answer is pending
       – Create a task to provide a more complex answer
  • Use a subject line that hints about your topic.
  • Be courteous when forwarding an email. Summarize the thread and why you are sending it at the top of the email.
  • Don’t copy someone on a message unless it is necessary (explain why you’re copying them). In this way, recipients won’t need to guess your intentions, thus requiring less back-and-forth messages.
  • Use Constant Contact or Mail Merge for bulk email.
  • Use an out of office reply when you don’t expect to be able to answer for days.
  • Close a loop; but don’t feel that you must have the last word.

Any questions?  Give IT Radix a call.  We’re happy to help.