This month’s email management strategy is:   Eliminate Email Overload!

Email driving you crazy? Every time you delete one, do five more show up? Are you finding it impossible to answer every email you receive? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’re not alone! Here are a few additional tips to reduce email overload.


  1. Get a good spam filter. Even if it saves you just 10 minutes a day, that adds up to over 59 hours a year. (As a SPAM Soap client, you’re already off to a good start!)
  2. Don’t respond to every email you receive. Yes, it’s okay NOT to respond to some emails. If it’s a group email, don’t respond with “okay” or “:-)” It’s not necessary unless the sender is specifically asking you a question or requesting a response.
  3. Be succinct. Restrict your messages to a few sentences. If you can’t, pick up the phone or talk in person. This will avoid the back-and-forth of email conversation.

Any questions? Give IT Radix a call. We’re happy to help.