image-question-hands-on-headOne of the downsides of email is that we all receive too much of it that is useless.   Even worse is to receive three or four copies of every incoming email – important or junk and everything in between.   That was the situation that brought one of IT Radix’s newest clients, McCormack Contracting Inc. of Madison New Jersey to IT Radix.   The two office professionals at McCormack Contracting’s were unable to be productive given that email mess. They wasted their time deciphering which emails were answered, which were not, and constantly deleting all the excess.

Once IT Radix got onsite and did an initial assessment, we quickly identified the problem and proposed a solution that delivers email efficiently, plus a whole lot more.     Our prompt response and proposal resulted in McCormack Contracting deciding to join our growing list of managed services clients.

So now, McCormack Contracting has computers that are running at peak performance and each email box is a lot easier to manage. Now they can concentrate on the great work that they do remodeling and beautifying residential properties all over northern New Jersey.   They do beautiful work that you can learn much more about here: