image-PNC-email-scamOne of our clients received the email shown.  It was extremely convincing. In this case, the sender correctly listed last three digits of one of his accounts.  Fortunately, he was on alert and disregarded the phone number in the email.  He looked up the bank’s number online and called them directly. It was a scam.

Another tip off that this was a scam can be seen in the URL included in the body of the email.  If you hover over it with your mouse and the URL displayed does not match the sending organization, then be on guard.  In this case, the URL displayed was “”   The domain name ( highlighted in yellow is not PNC Bank even though the lettters ‘pnc’ appear early on in the URL shown.  In the age of skimming when reading, our advice – don’t.  Take the time to check the URLs to ensure that they are legitimate before clicking.

Still not sure, feel free to call us!