image-tech-gadgetWell, the holiday presents have all been opened, the New Year’s champagne bottles are in the recycling bin, and the ink is still wet on your perennial list of New Year’s resolutions. But because of all the holiday hoopla and being so busy with your organization all year, you might have missed some of the coolest technology gadgets introduced in 2013. Here are a few worth checking out and then just imagine what 2014 might bring!



  • Nokia Lumina 1020 Phone – More a camera than a phone since its photos pack 41 megapixels, this Windows phone might be worth a look by those tired of the Android – Apple standoff.
  • Mophie Juice Pack Helium – Are you an IPhone 5 user? These colorful and fashionable phone cases offer 80% more battery life without the bulk!
  • Amazon Kindle Fire HDX – They say the third time is the charm, well this third version of the Kindle is quite charming and so is the real live Amazon tech support who can help you live, right on your screen.
  • Belkin WeMO Insight Switch – This compact plug device allows you to manage energy usage on a connected device anywhere through an IOS or Android device.
  • Google Chromecast – This small inexpensive (under $50) wireless device allows you to easily and seamlessly view content from your phone, pc or tablet on your TV.
  • Leap Motion Controller – Imagine navigating your PC desktop and files with a royal wave with your hands and arms and you begin to understand what this small USB accessory can do.
  • Yeti 150 Solar Power Generator – This under $200 device can power lights and laptops with built in AC, 12 volt and USB ports. It’s a great backup generator / power source powered by 15 hours of sunlight.
  • IPAD Air – What is not to like about this small, think tablet with an upgraded processor with 80-100% better performance? You’re right, nothing.