Image_National_Preparedness_MonthLet’s face it, bad things happen.  Since September is National Disaster Preparedness month, it’s a good time to “brush up” on some simple things you can do to protect your business.

Review your business insurance.  Make sure you have sufficient coverage to replace all of computer equipment, electronic devices and the like in your office.  Review your policy every year and keep in mind any new additions or upgrades that you’ve made throughout the year.

Consider cloud computing.  Why?  Cloud computing can ensure that your data is off-site in a high-security, high-availability data enter with fail-over and redundancy built in.   So, if your office is damaged or otherwise inaccessible, your data is safe and available.

Secure your data.  Ensuring that your data is protected is a never-ending battle that you don’t want to lose.  A company that is hacked and exposes sensitive client and employee data faces severe penalties, potential lawsuits and loss of credibility.  Make sure this can’t happen to you.  Don’t overlook portable devices that may have sensitive information.  

Write a simple disaster recovery plan.  The key word is “simple”.  If it gets too complex, you won’t do it.  Minimumally, think about the disasters most likely to happen and would have a negative impact on your company and plan for them.

Review your employee Internet policy.  With the increasing use of social media, it’s important to clearly draw a line on usage during work and what they can and cannot post online about your company.  To best help control this, we recommend content filtering software to control which web site your employees can access at work.

Need help with these?  Just give us call.