As many of you are returning to business as usual we would strongly recommend a quick but thorough check of your internal IT systems.  In particular, we recommend: 

Hurricane Sandy from Space
  • Verifying your backups are working properly by doing an actual restore
  • Reviewing your server error logs, especially the Windows System log and the hardware manufacturer logs, for any potential hardware problems that may be lurking as a result of inconsistent power or hard server shutdowns
  • Testing your power strips and UPS units to ensure that they are still able to protect your computer equipment through future power events.
Whether you lost power for a few hours or a few days, it is very important to check and confirm that everything is working properly… don’t assume!
As always for our managed service clients, we will be doing many of these checks for you.  If you are no a managed service client and would like assistance with performing these checks, please contact us at 973-298-6908.