Last but not least as we recognize African American technology innovators this month is Lonnie Johnson.  On a hot summer day, we owe Lonnie a big “thank you” for bringing us the Super Soaker.  Lonnie, an aerospace engineer who loved to tinker at home, was working on creating a heat pump that used water to cool down instead of Freon — the result, the Super Soaker.
He didn’t stop there.   He’s now using the monies from the Super Soaker to develop energy technology.  Currently, Johnson holds over 80 patents, with over 20 more pending, and is the author of several publications on spacecraft power systems.
Had he retired upon patenting the Super Soaker, Johnson would still go down as one of the most successful inventors and entrepreneurs of his generation.  This wraps up our review of just a few incredible people who have have changed the face of technology during Black History month.
In our fast changing world, I always enjoy reflecting back and thanking those who have made our world a better place.  I hope you’ve enjoyed it too.  Think I missed someone?  Tell us…