When You’re Under Attack by Ransomware

ransomware attackLessons Learned from the Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Attack

A ransomware attack took down the largest gasoline pipeline in the USA—running from Texas to New Jersey. How could this have been avoided? Here are some key lessons that apply to you and your organization:

Cybersecurity Inaction is an Invitation to a Ransomware Attack

The Colonial Pipeline did not put adequate security strictures in place. Their inaction led to this major event. Smart organizations address the threat before it’s too late.

Information Technology Security is a Core Process

There is zero rationale for the information technology silo acting as a separate entity within any organization. IT security must be built into EVERY business process.

Disaster and Rapid Response Plans and Tests Are Vital

Having plans and policies in place that outline in advance what to do in case of a variety of emergencies can dramatically reduce the impact of any breach. Don’t wait for a large or small disaster to occur to build your disaster recovery plan.  IT Radix can help you ensure business continuity...learn more here.

Staff Security Training and Testing Pays Off

Training of any sort is often the first expense area to be cut when times are tough. Cutting employee security training will only make things tougher. Companies with continuous cybersecurity training are less susceptible to successful attacks. Learn more about IT Radix's Employee Security Training and Testing here.

Cyber Liability Insurance is a Basic Business Expense

Neglecting to include this in your organization’s insurance portfolio could be a major error.

Maintaining and Updating Security Constantly are Table Stakes for all Firms Today

Unlike other investments, cybersecurity is not a “set it and forget it” outlay.  IT Radix takes a proactive approach to monitor AND maintain your network and computers to prevent problems before they happen.

Zero Trust is a Data Protection Strategy

Much like the pandemic has caused the demise of the open office, this cyberattack should be the collapse of the idea of easy and open access to all data.  IT Radix wants to be your trusted IT advisor.  Contact us today to learn about measures we can put in place to ensure that your data is safe online.

Overall, the biggest lesson learned is that prioritizing security is the first and continuing step to reduce your organization’s risk!