Swoosh…Nothing But Net!

In today’s always “on” environment, being connected is required. But connected to what? The network, of course. But which network and how?

In the early days, most computer users were trying to connect to another computer within the same physical building.

Get Off of My Cloud

Let’s face it...going to the cloud can be pretty confusing. There are many options, mixed terminology, and it is not “one size fits all.” So, what’s right for you and your business? As with many things in life, it depends.

First, let’s take a look public vs.

Patch Problems on Tuesday?!?!?

Did you experience Internet Explorer connection problems yesterday? Did your system hang? Were you lost in a never-ending loop? Not if you’re an IT Radix Managed Service client!

Have you heard of the term, Patch Tuesday? Microsoft typically implements software patches to the public on Tuesdays—Word, Excel, Internet Explorer, etc.

Even Superman Can’t Rescue Windows Server 2003

Are you still running important business applications and websites using Windows Server 2003? While we’ve spent the past year getting our desktops and laptops off of Windows XP before its end of life, it’s now time to get Windows Server 2003 Out!

Regular “mainstream” support for Windows Server 2003 ended 4 years ago, and Microsoft’s extended support for Windows Server 2003 will end on July 14, 2015. That’s only 5 months away! YIKES!

Once the end of life period hits, Microsoft will not release patches and updates for Windows Server 2003, leaving your company wide open to attack.