Let’s Get Carving!

Leaves are falling and Halloween is right around the corner. Eager pumpkin carvers are preparing orange masterpieces to decorate their porches, but did you know the jack-o'-lantern once served an entirely different purpose?

The ancient tradition of the jack-o'-lantern was once believed to ward off unwanted spirits, scaring off monsters that might otherwise go bump in the night.

End-of-Life Technology Risks Can Be Substantial

Relying on end-of-life technology carries substantial risks that can put your business model in jeopardy. In order to deliver reliable service to customers and ensure that their sensitive data is safe, you need technology that is up to the task. While waiting until the last minute to replace hardware and/or software may be viewed as a cost savings measure, technology that is unsupported and can’t be fixed in a timely manner should something go wrong could ultimately cost you more than you bargained for.

Letting Go of Old Technology–Breaking Up is Hard to Do

You know it’s not good for you, but somehow you can’t let go…of your relationship with old technology.  As an example, many users feel that Windows XP was the high point in Windows Operating Systems. Despite it being over 17 years old and the target of widespread cyber-attacks, it remains an extremely popular OS.

One of our new clients is a leading formulator and manufacturer of beauty products with a legacy of innovation, quality and unrivaled service.