The Accidental Techie…

Recently, we welcomed another new client to our proprietary IT Management and Support program.  Previously our client had asked us to do a few things in their environment that they simply did not have time to address.  They were so impressed with our approach as well as the list of note-worthy items that needed review in their network.

What are all those blinking lights?

Asked one of our new clients.  This firm operates in a unique niche in the audio publishing industry.  They rely heavily on computers, networks and the Internet for going about its daily business—communicating with vendors and clients.   In fact, it would be 100% true to say that their business as currently set up would not be able to operate without the Internet and a powerful internal computer network.

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Sharing Our Gratitude with Others

Recently, IT Radix proudly sponsored the Gratitude Dinner at FAMILYConnections in Essex county. The Gratitude Event included the participants and their families of FAMILYConnections’ addiction treatment programs. These programs such as Strong Mothers, Strong Fathers and Clean & Cool kids focus on those facing addiction issues.