“Keeping up” with the Family Business

We are very proud to be working with one of our newest clients.  We feel that way for a host of reasons, but the main one is that this company is a New Jersey success story—a family business that traces its roots back three generations.  The firm was started by an immigrant couple selling their unique food products door to door in Hoboken and Jersey City.

IT Radix paves the way with strategic IT advice and counsel

Did you ever buy a new CD and bring it home to play it on your old record turntable?  Did you ever try to retrieve your voicemail from a rotary phone?  Did you ever try to turn the channel on your TV by using your adding machine?  Of course not!

Well, one of our newest clients did something like that… before they came to us they decided to install the latest version of their key accounting software on their local server.

Is your IT Support behind the scenes? …Perhaps too far behind the scenes?

One of our newest clients is a financial advisory firm that helps businesses and families implement strategies that allow their clients’ assets to grow to meet their goals.  The firm works with highly successful people and organizations.  As it turns, our client’s previous IT Support provider was not as diligent as they claimed.

Sometimes, something new is not what you want–what you want is something established and reliable

Newness is often a wonderful thing, but if every time you turn around something new is happening, it can be disconcerting. That is why one our newest clients partnered with us. They simply could no longer handle working with a series of small, sole proprietor IT support providers.

Meet Your Mentor!

To “Give Back” is one of the core values by which the entire IT Radix professional team operate.  And so we’re always looking for opportunities to give back, whether it is directly helping out some of our local not-for-profit agencies or other worthy organizations.

Get Responsive IT Support with IT Radix

We recently welcomed another new client into our family of clients.  It’s a quasi-governmental agency in Morris County that has a great deal of responsibility in the areas of the environment and construction.  They called us one late afternoon because for no apparent reason their computers could no longer see each other and even worse, the computer for the top manager in the office could not access the Internet.