Expect the Unexpected and Plan for IT

Do You Have an IT Business Continuity Plan in Place?
Who could have predicted? How many times have you said or heard that over the last two plus years when discussing the implications of the Covid-19 pandemic? Well, few rewards are given for accurate predictions, but the smart business manager who is prepared for something he/she cannot predict actually reaps rewards.

Don’t Get Locked Out!

Keep Your Recovery Email Up to Date!
It happens to the best of us.  Sometimes when we type our password our finger strokes get jumbled up.  Or…  sometimes that darn “NumLock” key has unknowingly been pressed and we end up entering our password incorrectly too many times—reaching the maximum number of attempts—and finding ourselves locked out of our account(s).

Thankfully, we have a solution for getting back in—our recovery email!

This is all well and good, but what if your recovery email is invalid or no longer accessible?  Often, we forget what recovery email is even connected to our account.

File Sharing Tips for a Mobile Workforce

With the mobile workforce here to stay, so is the need for anywhere file access, file sharing and real-time document collaboration.   Solutions from Microsoft like SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams plus the myriad of competitive solutions available today offer flexibility, easy access, and enhanced productivity.

See the World…

Don’t Let the World See You With VPN!

Whether you’re literally traveling the world or simply working from home, Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to create a secure private connection to websites or your organization’s internal network.
Create a Secure Connection With a VPN
These days, most websites support secure connections (i.e., “https”) which encrypts the information being sent between your device and the website itself.