Master of Disaster

Senior IT Consultant, Mike Oster, is here to save the day!

Remember when you were a kid and wanted to be a superhero? I do. I always wanted to be like Superman. As an IT consultant I sometimes feel like a superhero. You know, coming to the rescue and saving the day.

Fighting Disasters for our Clients

In the 80's, Bonnie Tyler’s hit song said, “I need a hero. I'm holding out for a hero 'til the end of the night.” While we may not be super heroes at IT Radix, over the years we’ve had the honor of helping out our clients when disaster strikes.

Case in point: September 17, 2012. It started out as a regular Monday morning until we received the call that a potential client had a server down.

IT Radix’ Take on Shut Down by The Beach Boys

Back it up, back it up
Buddy or you’ll be shut down

 It can happen in a blip, we’re not trying to be snide
Running two apps viewing side to side
It’s a poor neglected laptop with Office Twenty thirteen
Revving up and shaking like a washing machine

 Flat lining processors, won’t equate
If I lose this data, I won’t celebrate
My server’s lights are clicking and starting to dim
I have no backup, this is really a sin

 ...Gotta be smart, with IT support, here we go.

Don’t Fumble When it Comes to Your Backup


Words of wisdom from Marybeth Smith, COO.

In today’s IT environment, most business managers understand just how critical their business data is and are smart enough to put a computer backup in place in their organization. However, as we connect with small and medium businesses, the most common “fumble” we see is the decision to set up a backup and forget it.

Key Learnings from the Big Hack Attacks of 2014

Sony, Home Depot, Target.    All are big companies with huge market value, large customer databases, strong brand names and plenty of budget to spend on data security.  The same cannot be said for organizations in the small business community.   But are there lessons from these breaches that can provide learning to the owner or manager of a small business?  Yes, there certainly are.

4 Simple Things To Do Before Hurricane Sandy Hits

“Be prepared” is the boy scout motto.  However, Hurricane Sandy is upon us and perhaps you’re not as ready as you’d like. Here are 4 simple things you can do today to prepare your computer network for the upcoming storm.

Verify your Backups are Working Properly
If you’re a managed service client, IT Radix does this for you on a regular basis and we’ll be doing an extra special check this weekend.