Protection from Insider Threats

The human body is amazing—all the various parts working together to live.  White blood cells have the responsibility of recognizing and defending the body against foreign invaders.  But what if the “invader” is something from within.  A recent survey of organizations with 250 or fewer employees revealed that 38% of them had experienced an internal IT security incident in the past year.

9 Things to do to Your Computer Network During the Quiet Month of January

The greeting cards have all been sent, the holiday rush is through, but IT Radix still has a wish to make and it is a special one for YOU! That wish is that you take advantage of the quiet moments in early January and do some things NOW to ensure that your computer network is ready for all that 2017 will bring.

IT Security Tip #26: Review your backups especially the data selections and retention history

Quick Tip: Review your backup data selections and retention period to protect yourself from ransomware (even at home)!

Why?  The creators of the ransomware threats are taking things to new levels. Not only are they encrypting your data but if you enter an incorrect decryption multiple times, the ransomware starts deleting your data.

Law Firm Finds Security with an IT Support and Management Plan

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