I grew up sailing in NC, first on Kerr Lake and then on the Pimlico Sound with my parents. Many don’t appreciate the nuances of sailing, especially teenage boys like my son Alex, but sailing can be very exciting. I always loved sailing in rough weather despite my mom’s fears. These days, I get out occasionally in the summer on Greenwood Lake.

We’ve seen our fair share of extreme weather in the past few years. This time of year, I love a good snowstorm especially when I’m up in Vermont; but I also appreciate being able to stay connected during these extreme weather events. Thankfully, technology has improved over the years to allow for just that. I’ve been particularly enjoying using our AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop) environment as it has simplified my life allowing me to be fully connected from any of my devices and able to use all of our software. The best part is that I can rest easy knowing that I’m protected by our full security stack while I’m working.

In the movie Frozen, Anna asks if her sister wants to build a snowman. While you may not be interested in building snowmen, you might be interested in building your own AVD environment to work securely from anywhere. If so, give me a jingle!

First published in our February 2024 IT Radix Resource newsletter