Windows 11 comes with many new features improving performance, security, user-friendliness, device compatibility (runs Android apps), multi-tasking, and even gaming. This version brings some changes to how you interact with your system.

Here are just a few of our favorites:

  • Snap Layouts are great for organizing multiple apps. They allow you to arrange your apps easier on your screen in ways that used to require custom and sometimes expensive software.
  • New desktop experience allows you to create multiple virtual desktops. You can arrange your programs and open windows onto separate desktops. This gives you the ability to isolate projects and tasks without losing your place.
  • The default apps in Windows 11 have had some major improvements. Paint, Photos, Notepad, and Media player all have a brand-new look. Notepad now has the ability to have multiple tabs in the same window and there is even a 3D version of Paint!
  • The new tablet mode is a time saver.  When you dock or plug your laptop into a monitor, it remembers the last app layout you were using which is very convenient.
  • The simplicity Windows 11 brought to the Control Center is user friendly. Everything is easier to access, and audio controls are great, especially when you have multiple speakers/headsets connected to the same computer!
  • The long-awaited Widgets feature provides quick access to useful information. It will let you quickly get up-to-date items like news, weather, traffic, sports, stocks, and even your calendar in a single click.

An issue we see with Windows 11 upgrades is that PCs over three years old may not meet the minimum technical/hardware requirements. In these cases we recommend replacing with a new machine that ships with Windows 11. We recommend that large scale deployments be withheld until all your software applications are tested with Windows 11.

Although Halloween is right around the corner, there’s no need to fear Windows  11. Contact IT Radix today to learn more!

First published in our October 2023 IT Radix Resource newsletter