As we enter the dog days of summer, I’m sitting on the patio behind our home enjoying the weather, the sounds of the birds, soft music on the outdoor speaker and just taking it all in. Sometimes you just need to kick and do nothing—often a hard thing for me to do.

I love learning new things and playing with technology that enhances my life or work. There’s been a lot of buzz about AI in the news and I’ve been lightly digging in to see what all the buzz is about. In June, we did a high-level webinar on ChatGPT. It was fun, cool and a bit scary to see a humorous poem about the team at IT Radix generated within a few seconds. Since I started playing with ChatGPT, I have used it primarily to get my own creative juices flowing and move past the “blank paper” syndrome. In truth, I used it to help me get started writing one of the articles for this newsletter. I didn’t particularly care for much of what ChatGPT created but it helped me clarify what I did like and wanted to highlight.

Like it or not, AI is going to change our world… I can only hope for the good. Want to talk more about how to use ChatGPT in your world? I’d love to chat (pun intended).

First published in our August 2023 IT Radix Resource newsletter