I recently stumbled on the 1990’s song, Anybody Listening? by Queensrÿche. This song struck me because it challenges you to think for yourself and analyze what you’re hearing behind the words—difficult stuff these days with the amount of information available.

There are over 5 million podcasts worldwide. As of this time last year, Nielsen reports there were over 817,000 different TV shows available for viewing. Like many, I listen to or watch my favorite podcasts and TV shows on a regular basis. But upon reflection, how often do I really stop and think about what’s being said or portrayed? As a parent of a teenage son, I’m no longer sure of what Alex is being exposed to on his phone, at school and more. So, the best I can do is challenge him to think critically for himself about the information he is receiving.

It’s been suggested that I start a podcast or a blog, but I wonder if anybody will really listen or read it. And, if they do, will they think critically or even care about the information I share? As I contemplate the possibility of adding to the plethora of blogs and podcasts, I’d love your feedback on whether I should or not—in other words, are you listening?

First published in our May 2023 IT Radix Resource newsletter