I don’t really remember the first Earth Day celebration in 1970. As the child of a scientist with an environmental focus, taking care of our planet and helping to support beneficial environmental initiatives has always been important to me. Sadly, many don’t see the need to protect Earth’s natural resources for future generations and choose to focus more on the here and now. It’s not always convenient to reduce, reuse and recycle, but I know that even small changes count.

It’s similar with cybersecurity—it’s not always convenient to enter an MFA code or double check a website URL before clicking in an email, but I know that these habits keep me safe. Another habit that keeps me more cybersecure and reduces energy consumption is enabling the sleep mode on all my devices when not in use. If the device is off, it’s protected by default. While I like the convenience of sitting down and just getting to it, I’m willing to take the few moments to wait for my device to wake up and turn on to save energy and reduce the opportunity for cyberattacks.

April is National Volunteer Month… what better time to get outside and pick up some trash in your neighborhood or help plant trees in your local park? Remember to power down your devices while doing it.

First published in our April 2023 IT Radix Resource newsletter