IT Radix’s Sustainability Committee recently had its second meeting and has begun to implement some of the ideas that we brainstormed together during our first meeting. These ideas are simple yet will make an immediate impact on our working environment.

IT Radix’s Sustainability Committee at Work

As a company, we are all committed to doing our part in making our day-to-day operations as environmentally sound as possible. We will be installing dishwashers on both floors of our building along with instant hot water access to cut down on our water consumption. We are asking restaurants to hold off on sending us napkins, plates, cutlery, and ketchup/mayonnaise packets when we order food. They are not needed, as we have our own. We are also purchasing environmentally friendly dishes and bowls, made from sustainable materials to reuse—therefore, cutting down the need for paper plates and bowls. When we do need to use paper products, we are using recycled paper plates, napkins, and paper towels. We also asked our staff to bring in unwanted packing materials they have at home (e.g., packing bubbles and cardboard boxes) so that we can re-use these materials when sending out our own packages. This has a huge effect on the amount of packing materials that we need to purchase and is a great way to reuse and repurpose.

In addition to reducing and reusing, we are also addressing modifications to the interior of our building that will impact how much energy we use. We are planning to purchase insulated drapes and draft dodgers to help reduce the number of drafts in the building. These products are inexpensive but can make a big difference in the temperature within the building. This also saves on heating costs. We are also looking into purchasing more efficient, longer lasting LED lights to replace our existing fluorescent lights.

All these ideas are easy to implement, yet they have the potential for making a huge difference. There are some larger initiatives that we plan to undertake within the next few months, but we feel this is a good starting point. When everyone contributes, it’s easy to make small changes that amount to big results! Contact IT Radix for more ways to incorporate sustainable business practices.

First published in our March 2023 IT Radix Resource newsletter