If you’re like many, you made some new year’s resolutions or goals. How are you doing with those? Those who know me know that I always strive to improve, both personally and at work. It’s natural for me to set a goal or intend to do something but often, unless it makes its way onto my schedule, other things will take precedence. Quick tip… schedule your goals on your calendar now if you haven’t already. As a techno-nerd, of course, I love that my calendar, scribbles in OneNote, documents, and email that I start but don’t always complete are accessible across all my devices from anywhere. We’re launching “Talk Nerdy to Me” as quick tips to help you be even more proficient with your technology.

But sometimes it pays to put technology aside. It may surprise some that I write out in my quasi-cursive handwriting script my affirmations and goals. Why? For me, it forces me to create a picture in my mind of what I want. Having it on a piece of paper makes it very easy to access and review at any time (e.g., on the refrigerator, on the wall in your office, or in a notebook). Finally, writing it down makes it easier to remember… and remembering your big goals are important! If I don’t have a pen and paper handy but my iPhone or iPad are, I’ll write it out on them. Not as tangible as paper but still effective.

If you haven’t made progress with your goals, it’s not too late. Get out your pen and paper and your calendar and schedule your goals today!

First published in our February 2023 IT Radix Resource newsletter