Automation Is Key to Growing Your Business

Many businesses are eager to make up for lost time after the pandemic, and they want to bring new customers into the fold. There are countless growth strategies out there, but one area which offers a lot of options you can dial into your specific business needs is automation technology. There are plenty to choose from, and it really comes down to finding the right solutions that fit the current or future needs of your business.
Many businesses have yet to crack the code on automation. They aren’t sure how to implement it and make the most of it. And that’s okay. Automation comes with a few hurdles, like just getting started for one. It’s an investment of time and money. However, once you get started, it does the rest.

A Majority of Daily Business Activities Can be Automated

A majority of daily business activities can be automated. One increasingly popular form of automation is artificial intelligence (AI), often used by chatbots. In the past, chatbots were useless. From the user standpoint, they never worked as expected. But those days are over. Thanks to major strides in AI technology, chatbots are automation kings.
Chatbots are highly customizable. You can use them as the first “person” a customer or potential customer sees when they visit your website. From there, a chatbot can ask questions and mimic a real person. But here’s where the automation really comes into play: if a potential customer has a specific request or question, the chatbot can instantly direct them to the person within your company who can help. This saves a lot of time.
Automation is also useful when it comes to collecting data. Now, you can rely on numerous apps to collect different types of data and have it all sent to one place. For instance, you should have forms on your website where people can input data such as their name and email (and other similar data you may be interested in). You lock free content (such as special reports, books, videos, demos, offers, etc.) behind a “data wall.” Once a potential customer gives you what you want, they get access and you have a lead.

If you’re ready to automate parts of your business, it’s best to partner with a managed services provider (MSP) like IT Radix that specializes in IT solutions. You never have to do any of these things on your own—especially if you have questions or aren’t sure how to get started.

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First published in our January 2023 IT Radix Resource newsletter