Sustainability Has Always Been More Thank Just a “Buzz Word” to IT Radix

If you ask someone what one of the most popular “buzz words” currently is, they may say sustainability. With the “Go Green” movement so popular right now, sustainability—meeting one’s own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs—is a hot topic. However, sustainability has always been more than just a “buzz word” to IT Radix. Even before being sustainable and being environmentally friendly was popular, IT Radix had it at the forefront of our priorities. We not only recycle, reduce waste, and reuse items whenever possible within the company, we also encourage our clients, families, and friends to do likewise.

Sustainability means doing what we can to protect the environment for future generations.

One of our biggest recycling initiatives is working with Green Vision, a Morris County organization that employs people with developmental disabilities and teaches them how to properly disassemble and recycle unwanted electronic equipment, ranging from computers and computer chips, laptops, and cell phones to old video cameras and audio equipment. They challenge their staff with tasks that allow them to use problem solving skills while providing an opportunity to earn money, learn transferable skills and gain pride in their accomplishments. At the same time, this ensures that unwanted electronic equipment is kept out of landfills. It’s definitely a win-win situation for all. Many of our clients and colleagues have accepted our invitation to bring in their old equipment for recycling. To date, IT Radix has recycled several tons of material.

We’re Ramping Up Our Sustainability Efforts in 2023

This year, IT Radix is expanding our sustainability efforts even further by creating a Sustainability Committee to identify more ways to make us even more environmentally friendly. The committee had its first meeting last month, and the ideas were flowing. Employee input was welcome, and no idea was too small for consideration. Some of the ideas discussed were how to reuse packaging materials, planting more shrubbery that will attract butterflies and bees, using environmentally friendly soaps and cleaning supplies, installing motion detectors for the indoor/outdoor lighting and defaulting printers to print double sided. The list goes on and on.

When asked what sustainability means to them and how they incorporate it into their own lives when away from work, the consensus was:  Sustainability means doing what we can to protect the environment for future generations, recycling even the smallest items, using as little heat and electricity as possible to save on resources, and appreciating the environment and doing our part to keep it as clean and pristine as possible.  One of our employees even has an electric vehicle—talk about being committed to the cause!

Appreciation of the environment and understanding that there is not an unending supply of resources is one of the main reasons why our IT Radix team has always been on board with our recycling and reducing efforts.  Each person does what they can to make their contribution to the office-wide effort.  We are happy to do it and are excited to see what our increased efforts will lead to in 2023.

Reduce * Reuse  * Recycle

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First published in our January 2023 IT Radix Resource newsletter