As we approach our 15th year in business and emerge from the long aftermath of the pandemic, year-end 2022 gives us a chance to reflect.

IT Radix Embraces Challenges and Opportunities as We Continue to Exceed Expectations

Here are 22 things that we have embraced this past year as we continue our dedication to putting our clients first and offering the WOW service that all of them have come to enjoy from IT Radix. As is often the case, the past year offered us challenges and opportunities from which we learn, grow, and continuously hope to improve and exceed expectations.

  1. We helped our clients succeed by resolving over 16,000 service requests for new users, new computers and a variety of user support issues and projects.
  2. We made it even easier to schedule time with our team by implementing a new appointment booking application. This greatly reduces the back and forth when scheduling time with our clients and adds the appointment directly to our client’s Outlook calendar making life easier for them!
  3. We worked diligently behind the scenes, successfully reviewing and completing over 285,000 tickets for our managed services clients to ensure that their networks are secure, their backups are working, and their teams are productive.
  4. We housed and shipped client inventory as our clients continue to expand their remote working environments.
  5. We embraced opportunities to give back to our community by volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, Project Backpack and a number of food and supply drives. It’s our goal to have a “giveback” project in the works at all times.
  6. We shared our knowledge and expertise through 50+ webinars, magazines, newsletters and blog posts on productivity, cybersecurity and more.
  7. We added layers of security to protect our clients. The heightened frequency, audacity and strength of criminal attacks on organizations of all sizes led us to dramatically increase the number and power of security solutions we employ in our clients’ networks. We consistently remind ourselves and our clients that security is neither inexpensive nor convenient—but it is imperative!
  8. We expanded the scope of our network patching as the cybersecurity landscape has expanded to include even more devices such as wireless access points and network switches… devices that previously were often overlooked from a security standpoint.
  9. We’ve extended our help desk options for 24×7 user support to supplement our on-call escalation team.
  10. We embraced hybrid working for our IT Radix team with a flexible, yet structured, work location plan reinforcing our “people centric” approach to providing our services.
  11. We repurposed 100+ laptops, printers, monitors and more by matching retired-but-still-viable equipment from clients with local not-for-profit organizations in need.
  12. We support our team’s physical and mental well-being because feeling well also helps us work well. We’ve introduced a twice-monthly visit from our favorite chiropractor, Dr. Pete, and provided training on “desk-based” exercise and stress management, as well as offering ergonomic workstations such as standing desks.
  13. We helped recycle over 4,722 pounds of computer and other electronics with our partner, Green Vision, a not-for-profit company that employs challenged individuals who disassemble recycled hardware and prepare the parts for reuse and recycling.
  14. We have leveraged our productivity software such as Teams, SharePoint and Excel and expanded the application of those to our own business, resulting in: automation efficiency, better use of information and improved data security.
  15. We have grown our awesome and talented team to over 40+ members to support our clients and their IT needs.
  16. We have enabled clients to request service with a simple right click of their mouse on the IT Radix monitoring agent on their machine. Enter the requested information and select submit and our client’s request for assistance is received within minutes.
  17. We enjoy and welcome working with our clients face-to-face. While we have all leveraged tools such as Teams and Zoom these past few years and have incorporated them into our new norms, when we do meet with clients face-to-face or work together in our office, we continue to be reminded that there is nothing that replaces meeting in person.
  18. We listened first and answered 10,000 phone calls live. We have all heard the axiom that God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason. As the pandemic has created communications hurdles of all sorts, we have purposefully reinforced to our team the importance of listening before acting.
  19. We’ve stayed focused on clients first. “What is the goal?” is the question often asked internally when discussing a client’s request or issue. Staying focused on the objective is our way of ensuring we find the fastest and best path to client satisfaction and success every day.
  20. We managed clients’ expenses by migrating clients to annual Microsoft licensing to defer increased subscription fees.
  21. We’ve had fun and stayed positive together as a team with mini-golf outings, summer BBQs, and more.
  22. We lived our Core Values. This is an enduring lesson. A long time ago we learned that if you know what your values are, then decision making is easy. While we cannot say all business decision making is easy, as it is clearly not, we can say that living our core values has provided us with a guiding light as we approach our 15th year.

As we wrap up 2022 and look ahead to 2023, our IT Radix team is dedicated to continue to embrace new opportunities that keep our clients in the forefront of technology and IT security. We consistently strive to exceed our clients’ expectations by providing WOW service with a client-first mindset!

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First published in our December 2022 IT Radix Resource newsletter