As I wrap gifts for the upcoming Christmas holidays, I reflect on how fortunate I am to have a wonderful family, friends to enjoy, and a great team of people to work with in a profession that I love. It’s so easy to lose sight of this in the day-to-day bustle of the world, especially at this time of year.

Here in the Northeast, it’s getting colder and the days are getting shorter, but I encourage you to take a minute every day to enjoy the moment. Be where your feet are. Breathe in the wonderful fresh air if you’re outside walking from your car to the stores or office. Listen to the sounds around you and pick out a joyful noise. Feel the warmth or softness of your scarf, sweater, or coat on your skin. See all the beauty that surrounds us—be it nature, smiling faces, or simple decoration on a tree. Slowly eat and really taste a Christmas cookie—especially if it’s not a healthy, low-sodium, sugar-free cookie like the healthy computer in this month’s newsletter comic.

No matter your personal beliefs, I believe the Christmas classic movie sums it up well—It’s a wonderful life! And I am grateful to be a small part of yours.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

First published in our December 2022 IT Radix Resource newsletter