Since our inception, IT Radix have been recycling e‑waste even before it was popularized. My family has always focused on environmental issues and enjoys spending time together outdoors, especially sailing.  We are environmentally conscientious consumers and are big fans of reusing what we have at hand… it’s in our DNA. So, partnering with Green Vision for electronic recycling is a match made in heaven. I absolutely love that their founder had the idea of combining environmental responsibility with enhancing the lives of individuals with Autism. It’s a win-win-win partnership for us all!

Not surprisingly, the pandemic changed the type of e‑waste that we now receive. The shift to a hybrid remote working model means we’ve received an influx of monitors, printers, desktop computers and more. Whenever possible we match the items up with other organizations that might be in need.

So, don’t be shy! If your organization has technology needs and are open to reusing older technology, we can help. We especially love passing along viable technology to not-for-profit organizations after we’ve vetted that it still functions properly. When we cannot reuse something, we pass it along to Green Vision; where their team ensures that it’s disassembled and recycled responsibly.

Join us in celebrating RED Month at IT Radix!

First published in our November 2022 IT Radix Resource newsletter