I believe one of my keys to success is a love of learning new things. I like to try new activities; read books; attend sessions where others share their insights, knowledge, and experience; watch TED Talks, videos or documentaries and more. We’re so fortunate to live in a world where the opportunities to learn are constantly expanding. A current thought leader, Jim Kwik, recently reminded me that “applied knowledge is power.”

In the IT arena, this couldn’t be truer. There is always something to learn about technology and security. Security threats are constantly evolving in step with the expanding use of technology. As someone who wants to help our clients avoid these threats, finding solutions to avoid security threats is more important than ever. Sadly, I cannot always convince our clients to apply our knowledge and embrace these solutions. As a result, some fall prey to security attacks and end up learning the proverbial hard way.

Accepting my role as technology guide, not enforcer, can be difficult; but I’ll never stop learning and applying my knowledge.

First published in our May 2022 IT Radix Resource newsletter