Time for some target practice…

If I had invested a hundred dollars every time someone I spoke with about cyber risks said that they had nothing of value or interest, I’d be a wealthy gal. So many assume that they do not have to worry about cyber risks and put little-to-no thought into protecting themselves or their organization. I still find this to be true even after the cyber incidents publicized in the news and more. Sadly, these organizations may find themselves to be an easy target for cyberattacks in the future.

Good cybersecurity requires discipline, good habits and practice recognizing and reacting to cyberthreats. Cyber criminals routinely hunt for easy targets to exploit.

While we never want anyone to be an easy target for a cyberattack, we thought it might be fun to flip the roles and give you an easy target to find on our website. Read more below about our online “duck hunt”—find the sitting duck and at the same time, learn how you can keep cyber “cwiminals” at bay.

First published in our April 2022 IT Radix Resource newsletter