A new year often comes with change. While I can sometimes find change a bit scary, I find focusing on what’s important to me and looking for the humor in a situation makes it easier to manage my fears and the stress of change. At IT Radix, we’re changing our security software platform to better address cyberthreats, we’re adding new functionality to better serve our clients (especially with the new work from home model and ever-changing schedules), and we’ve expanded our expertise, especially in areas associated with Microsoft 365.

On a personal level, I believe one of my keys to success is to never stop learning and embracing change. I’ve been known to get “lost” while reading books about new places or people in history and while learning about new systems and technologies. During the pandemic, I even took up a new sport—rowing crew. I had to change my morning routine to accommodate this, but I found that I really liked it. It’s a form of meditation for me…rhythmically rowing, sliding up and down the rails, catching the oar blade in the water, and gliding through the water.

Fortunately, change does not mean abandoning everything that you have done in the past. It just means small tweaks and adjustments on how you do things and approach the world. As we move into 2022, I’m looking forward to more changes at home and at work because one of the greatest things in nature is our ability to adapt and change. Happy New Year everyone!

First published in our January 2022 IT Radix Resource newsletter