Making sound business decisions requires looking at a situation from multiple perspectives and developing a course of action that is beneficial for all. This is particularly important when it comes to cybersecurity.

At IT Radix, we frequently need to make decisions about how to do things securely for our clients or recommend how our clients should secure their technology and sometimes, quite simply, it’s not convenient. When we’re up against a decision about security vs. convenience, security most often wins. When we calculate the potential downtime, financial loss and stress created by loose or lax security, the investment and inconvenience of strong security practices and solutions pale in comparison. More recently, we’ve had to take an even stronger approach with some of our clients when it comes to security to ensure that they acknowledge and understand the risks they are taking even if it’s uncomfortable for us—that is what sound business decisions are all about.

Sometimes, I end up applying this same principle to situations with my son—be it at school, in sports or at home. Yes, it would be easier to skip steps or avoid things altogether; but in the end, the best decision is to look at a situation or problem from all sides and find an approach that works for all—which sometimes means, he has to take out the trash!

First published in our October 2021 IT Radix Resource newsletter