May 7th is World Password Day. Several of our clients have our Dark Web monitoring service which alerts them when their credentials—including passwords—are available on the Dark Web. These days it is critical to know when your credentials have been compromised, especially since so many people tend to use the same password (or minor variations of it) for multiple websites or applications. Using the same password everywhere is like a hornet’s nest—a hazardous situation for all involved. Once the password is compromised, you’ve stepped in it and all the hornets swarm around on the attack. So, please, use a distinct and separate password for each and every system you log into and leverage a secure password manager to make this daunting task easier.

All this talk about buzzing reminds me of sweeter things like honey and fragrant flowers. With the arrival of spring, I hope everyone is getting outside to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. I’ve always wanted to start a flower garden at the office because, unlike my home, it gets full sun. Just imagine the flowers blooming and the bees all a buzz…ah, the beauty of it all! Until my garden dreams become reality, here’s my advice: Don’t worry, “bee” happy everyone!

First published in our May 2021 IT Radix Resource newsletter