I’ve been involved in my fair share of home improvement projects over the years. I can still remember the built-in bookshelves my parents made for our home in New Mexico, complete with a burnt wood finish created by a blow torch. As a kid growing up, my job was primarily to hold, fetch or otherwise assist when needed on these projects. As adults here in NJ, Doug and I completely gutted our kitchen and bathroom, replaced the roof and much more. As our time has become more limited, we’ve gotten help with bigger projects but still tackle much ourselves. With being home more during the pandemic, I got the home improvement bug to enhance my she-shed in our backyard. I’ve had fun planning the project—salvaging our old sliding door, windows and cedar siding and combining them with more windows acquired from the local Restore along with new materials. Being stubborn and wanting to keep some of the original structure intact for weatherproofing, we’ve had to deal with some structural challenges, in particular, non-square support beams.

As I reflect on this project, I realize that we handle our new IT support clients similarly. We evaluate their existing computing infrastructure, salvage as much as possible and introduce new equipment as needed, resulting in a better computer network. Sometimes, it means we must deal with non-standard equipment or special business requirements. To me, this is what makes our role as IT consultants interesting, challenging and fun.

Ok, so I’m a bit geeky but I can happily say, “I love what I do!” I hope you can too.

First published in our February 2021 IT Radix Resource newsletter