Have you ever heard a shortwave radio transmission?  While shortwave listening as a “hobby” is declining, when you look at it, shortwave is just short of a miracle. When the signal is beamed at an angle, it hits the ionosphere which acts as a mirror around the Earth.  The signal then falls like a ball at great distances, beyond the horizon.  Thus, shortwave transmissions can reach listeners over large areas, continents and beyond.  There is an art as well as a science to successful shortwave listening.

Align Business and Technology Plans

Just as in shortwave listening, often IT and business leaders are not tuned in to the same channels or frequencies.  Successful organizations ensure that business and technology plans are aligned to achieve their goals.  When the IT is closely tuned in to the organization, it is incorporated into strategic plans, well-coordinated with strong communication, and takes the human factor into account.  IT can allow businesses to respond faster to change, increase employee productivity, identify opportunities to decrease operational costs and ensure business integrity and security.  With technology and business goals so inextricably interwoven, there is heightened urgency today around getting digital transformation right and it is important to pick a strong IT partner that helps propel your organization forward and tune in to your organizational goals.

Together, IT Radix and you can tune in to success.  Contact us to get on the same frequency!

First published in our January 2021 IT Radix Resource newsletter