As we wrap up the year, I believe that we’ll all be “talking 2020” for many days to come. When we launched into 2020 with its connotations of clear vision, who could have predicted the year that would unfold? For IT Radix, the year started with a big push to help our clients upgrade or replace not only Windows 7 PCs but also Windows 2008 Servers, which meant literally hundreds of computers and hours of effort. Just when we thought we could catch our breath, COVID‑19 hit and presented another rush to get our clients set up to work from home productively and securely. I’m very proud of how our team has performed under stressful situations and time crunches. It wasn’t always easy, but everyone stepped up when needed to help a client, help each other or in some cases help folks that we don’t even know by giving back to our community.

While it was a challenging year, I was happy to make progress on my own personal development both at work and home. Anyone who knows me knows I like to learn and try new things and this year was no exception. I started a mini DIY construction she‑shed project at home, gave rowing crew a try (loved it) and started a couple of online learning programs that I’ve greatly enjoyed.

The new year promises to bring new and interesting challenges. I can assure you that both personally and at IT Radix, I’ll be working to continuously evolve and improve in the year to come.  In the meantime, I hope that you and your family enjoy a safe, happy, and healthy holiday season and wish you all the best in the new year!

First published in our December 2020 IT Radix Resource newsletter