Of all the senses in the human body, it can be argued that our sense of smell often evokes the strongest response in our minds.  The wrong smell can keep us from entering a room or trying a new food, but the right scent can be aesthetically pleasing and can trigger memories, evoking an emotional response to our environment in a way that no other sense can replicate.

There have been many attempts to incorporate our sense of smell into entertainment, most notably, with the development of Smell-O-Vision in the late 1950s, which dispersed scents during the film Scent of a Mystery, corresponding with the environments on screen.  Unfortunately, it debuted to little success and hasn’t been discussed much since, until recently when Disney patented a new scent technology.  It is rumored that Disney is working on incorporating their new technology to disperse scents to a participant inside an attraction, perfectly timed with a visual aspect to create a more immersive experience.  The potential for success with this technology is arguably greater than past attempts, as Disney has full control of the environment around the attraction.  This gives them the ability to construct the perfect space for this fully immersive experience dispersing the scents of food, nature, and all things Disney.

These are exciting steps into what the future of technology in entertainment could look, or perhaps, smell like!

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First published in our September 2020 IT Radix Resource newsletter