Sounds play a significant role in our lives. So much of what we do every day relies on hearing the sounds around us—from the ringtone on our cell phone, to the ring of our doorbell, and most importantly, words spoken between people. Unfortunately, hearing these sounds can prove difficult for many people, but that is where modern technology is looking to make a difference.

Ascending Hearing Technologies, a company out of Wisconsin, founded by Christina Runge and Yi Hu, has developed an iOS app that works with iPhone ear pods to provide real-time sound amplification to assist those suffering from hearing loss. The app begins with a testing of the user’s hearing and it adjusts its features based on the results. It can also identify developing hearing loss through these tests and can recommend professional treatment. The team is still fine-tuning the app and is currently working on a noise suppression feature. They have funding support which is allowing clinical trials to take place with users. The goal is to make the app available to the public on the Apple App Store within two years, requiring a monthly subscription. This will allow anyone with an iPhone and ear pods to have access to potentially life changing technology.

Innovation is exciting in any field, however, an app that can help people suffering from hearing loss is worth our attention.

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First published in our July 2020 IT Radix Resource newsletter